День 1
25 Jun 2020
День 2
26 Jun 2020
День 3
27 Jun 2020

Resilience and Inner Work in the field of social change

The Wellbeing Project is catalysing a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers. Since 2012 it has been at the heart of a movement inspiring many hundreds of organizations to integrate wellbeing into their DNA. In this session we will explore how findings from our research, as well as case studies from our global network can help cultivate personal and organizational resilience in these uncertain times. The discussion will be held in English
Alice Ramsey
Joscha Lautner

Global Security Reinvented

Global and European security agenda and its main challenges of nowadays. Role of international security organizations and alliances in peace keeping and conflict resolution. Potential crisis-driven security issues of nearest future with focus on Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular. The discussion will be held in English
Dmitri Teperik
James Sherr

Public health in Europe 2020: lessons learned

European public health systems in the context of COVD-19 pandemic and most probable scenarios for 2020-2021. How can nations across Europe be prepared to the new challenges of the nearest future? The discussion will be held in English
Thomas Dorner
Sridhar Venkatapuram
Pavlo Kovtonyuk

Giant Leap to Schools Online : emergency or new normal?

Covid-19 forced a unique experiment to the global education system. Within 2 weeks all educational institutions in the world from kindergarten to universities had to go online. What are the first lessons learned? How does it affect the future of education? Will the trend for online education become a mainstream? The discussion will be held in English
Kim Ochs
Koen Timmers
Maryna Goncharenko
Andria Zafirakou

Social Entrepreneurship after Corona Times. Challenges and chances.

Shut-Down, travel restrictions and social distancing affect most spheres of our life and work. What are the consequences of corona pandemic for social entrepreneurs and impact oriented business? How social innovation sector in Germany, Ukraine and response to the challenges of corona crisis. Did the Shut-Down help to optimize business processes or helped to develop new digital services? What kind of support does social entrepreneurship sector need to overcome corona and economic crises in the times after the shut-down? The discussion will be held in English
Petro Darmoris
Katrin Elsemann
Magdalena Patalong

What coronavirus means for the global economy

First half of 2020 was an “ideal storm” for the global economy. What are main trends today in terms of markets, workforce, international trade and other important economic dimensians? How businesses around the globe can be better prepared to next few years of recovery? The discussion will be held in English
Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Vlad Rashkovan
Наталія Яресько

Gender equality in post-corona world

In this discussion with two feminists working in rich contexts, we will bring together insights from field experience of activism during the times of pandemic and research and policy analysis, to ask ourselves the following questions: how has the pandemic affected men and women differently – on a personal, day-to-day basis, as well as on the level of communities and states? What does intersectional analysis of the pandemic look like and why it is critical in understanding its long-term effects? And finally, what are we called to be and do – as citizens, activists, as leaders and managers – to emerge and create a more equal and just world post-covid19? The discussion will be held in English
Graziella Piga
Oksana Potapova

Climate crisis VS corona-crisis

Climate change has been looming over the planet for quite a while, only for some communities and individuals it was not obvious. Now is the time when we as a humanity have to finally face it. So – what is the current status quo with climate crisis? What are the most important factors influencing climate change globally? How does this influence different spheres of political and economic life in different regions? What can we do to mitigate the climate change effects – if anything? How is the climate change agenda changed in view of corona-crisis?   The discussion will be held in English
Kjell Kuehne
Diego Osorio
Svitlana Nemesh

What leadership do we need now?

The global uncertainty situation in which the world finds itself requires all new, creative approaches to solving problems at all levels. How role of leadership should change to address these new challenges? What are the priorities for cooperation of leaders and thinkers from different countries? Are there new opportunities for us to make our lives better?   The discussion will be held in English
Юлія Тичківська
Elliot Gerson
Gabriela Gandel
Наталія Яресько

Territory of values

The world in fever sharpens perception of values in our everyday life. What are the core values of the modern Ukrainian society? How do they change? What are the most probable scenarios of social development? What social processes should we all focus on? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Кебуладзе Вахтанґ
Марія Золкіна
Валерій Пекар
Денис Полтавець

War and peace in the context of COVID-19 and economic recession

Today, situation in Ukraine resembles a Russian nesting doll, where crises hide one inside the other. We live in the time of global pandemic and recession, unfolding in the midst of environmental issues. Additionally, Ukraine has its own challenges: the war with Russia, lost territories etc. How do these crises influence each other? How can we address the challenges and what should we start with? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Олексій Резніков
Павло Клімкін
Олег Деревянко
Олександр Литвиненко

Online education in Ukraine: room for error

Quarantine and shutdown of schools was a real challenge for the Ukrainian education system. Within a week, teachers, parents and students had to go online. National Online School TV project was launched to help schools and families. What are the first lessons learned? Was it a worthwhile experiment? What are the prospects of online education in Ukraine and what is the impact of the lockdown? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Зоя Литвин
Любомира Мандзій
Сергій Колебошин
Олександр Елькін

Досвід подолання COVID-19 в Україні: уроки, які необхідно засвоїти.

Система охорони здоров’я України на лінії фронту протистояння пандемії: оцінка ситуації, можливі сценарії розвитку подій. Ідеї, що можуть змінити подальший розвиток подій на краще. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Вікторія Тимошевська
Гліб Вишлінський
Володимир Курпіта

Коронакриза vs ринок праці

На сайтах пошуку роботи кількість відкритих вакансій стрімко зменшується, а зростання рівня безробіття стає спільною проблемою для всього світу. Якщо старі підходи до найму вже не працюють — що мають змінити і роботодавці, і кандидати? Обговоримо: як компанії шукають кандидатів і наймають в кризу; які навички варто розвивати, щоб бути затребуваним на ринку праці; попит на які спеціальності зростатиме і чому. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Олена Кіріченко
Тетяна Волошина
Марина Галак
Анна Мазур

Що чекає на економіку України

На панельній дискусії «Що чекає на економіку України» спікери поділяться своїм баченням щодо макроекономічних прогнозів для України, обговорять виклики інфляції, безробіття та очікувану динаміку ВВП, спричинену пандемією. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Anders Åslund
Олена Білан
Тимофій Милованов

Цифровізація повсякденності

Соціальні наслідки цифровізації повсякденного життя українського суспільства. Виклики та можливості, пов’язані зі збільшенням доступності цифрових технологій. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Максим Саваневський
Денис Довгополий
Віталій Гончарук
Віктор Гречановський

Crisis of culture and culture of crisis

The crisis of the first part of 2020 has significantly affected Ukrainian cultural institutions and creative industries. How will Ukrainian culture develop in the future? What creative ideas and events can help overcome the current challenges? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Іван Козленко
Володимир Воробей
Юлія Федів
Сінькевич Юлія

Вечірні бесіди про важливе

Під час бесіди з відомими українськими письменниками ми торкнемося важливих питань, що постають сьогодні перед людьми творчими. Дізнаємося, що люди культури можуть принести в розуміння та організацію світу. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Олег Коцюба
Катерина Бабкіна
Юрій Андрухович

Science as a vocation and a profession

What do professional activities of a contemporary scientist imply? What is the key to successful scientific activities? What challenges do scientists face in their work? What is scientist’s role in a society? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Олександра Антонюк
Антон Сененко
Михайло Мінаков

Особисті фінанси

Спікерам панельної дискусії «Особисті фінанси» буде запропоновано поділитися своїм досвідом, ідеями та міркуваннями щодо того як ефективно управляти особистими фінансами, що таке вартість особистого капіталу, на що звертати увагу при кредитуванні та при відкладанні коштів на депозит, чи варто інвестувати і ще багато цікавого. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Лариса Латипова
Сергій Сароян
Любомир Остапів
Михайло Колісник

Rethinking your career in the time of crisis

What if crisis is not an obstacle but an opportunity? Perhaps, you’ve been thinking about changing your career for a while, but do not dare to break your daily routine and turn your life around. Together with Elena Rezanova, we will look at various types of career strategies and consequences of each of them. Elena will share recommendations and some techniques to stop postponing life and start getting what you want here and now. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Анна Мазур
Олена Рєзанова

Families and new normal

What family problems have exacerbated during the pandemic of 2020 and what is the best way to solve them? How have modern Ukrainian families been changing? How can we balance family life in the new realities? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Катерина Ясько
Лариса Мудрак
Владислав Головін

On the way to happiness

How and where do we find our source of happiness in the new realities? What can make us happy? How can we make our family members and friends happy? What stops us from being happy and what can we do to deal with this? What is the main secret of happiness? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Зоя Казанжи
Олександр Філоненко
Ігор Романов
Олександр Доброєр

What should we learn to manage information overload?

What educational aspects should parents and students focus on? What knowledge, expertise and skills are and will be in demand? The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Антон Дробович
Наталія Лимонова
Юлія Тичківська

How to navigate through deep information waters

We expect that panel discussion will focus on the experience of panelists dealing with massive information flow to find reliable facts and also on the changing role of media in the coming future. The discussion will be held in Ukrainian
Марія Фрей
Христина Бердинських
Андрій Кулаков

Unlocking Creativity

How to Reveal and Access Your Infinite Imagination. How improvisation helps solve complicated tasks in life and at work. Why do we say that design-thinking revolutionized our approaches to innovation. Who do we develop the culture of creativity in a group/community? The discussion will be held in English
Dan Klein
Олександр Акименко